Guidelines and Booking

Given the special nature of our trips, the daily programs should be considered as outlines.
A series of variated factors linked to the programs in mountain and remote areas (weather conditions, unexpected events, etc.) can affect the participants’ safety and therefore force us to change the planned programs. We as organizers and our guides, reserve the right to modify any part of the program at any moment, if required by safety reasons.
The above mentioned changes don’t apply neither to the “trip modification” item nr. 7, nor to the cancellation clause at item nr.4/b

1 Bookings – The booking can proceed only once the client has accepted the current
participation general conditions. The booking confirmation is subject to the payment of the due amount, which formalize the contract. Italian Trails will officially confirm the trip to the client by email.
2 Payment – At the booking an account of 20% of the total amount of the trip must be paid. The balance should be paid no more than 48 hours prior to the start date of the trip/program. Bookings reaching after the mentioned timing, if accepted, must be fully paid at the very same moment.
3 Price – Price of the program is fixed in the contract. It can be modified only by 10% of the total amount until 20 days prior to the departure and only due to: changes in transports’ costs, including fuel cost; rights and taxes applying to some touristic services such as landing taxes, embarkation and disembarkation taxes in harbours and airports, exchange rates.
4 Annulment – The client can cancel the trip without paying the annulment fee only due to the following reasons:
– Price increase for more than 10%, as per above article nr.3 ;
– Substantial change in any basic element of the trip contract, (to say any change of elements considered essential for a full fruition of the program) proposed by the organizers after the contract signature, but before the program start and not accepted by the client.
In this case the client hold the right to:
1 Benefit from another program with the same price or, if not available, with a higher price but without paying any surcharge, or with a lower price getting refund of the difference;
2 Get refund of the amount paid so far. The refund will be done within seven working days of the date of the refund request.

The client must communicate his/her decision (to accept the change or cancel the trip) within two working days of the receiving of the increase/change proposal.
In case of no communication from the client’s end, the proposal is by any means accepted.

The client who cancel his/her trip/program for reasons and with timings not included in the above mentioned conditions, will be charged as follows:

15% of the whole program price up to 30 days prior to departure
30% of the whole program price from 29 to 21 days prior to departure
50% of the whole program price from 20 to 11 days prior to departure
80% of the whole program price from 10 to 3 working days (except for saturday) prior to departure
100% of the whole program price after the above mentioned timings.
5 Program cancellation – Italian Trails can cancel the trip if the participants’ minimum number has not been reached – if the cancellation has been communicated by email at least 7 days prior to the departure – or due to force majeure.
6 Client’s obligations – Participants must bear a valid passport or a valid document (in case the trip would require it) for all the countries possibly touched by the program.
They also must respect the normal prudence and diligence rules, follow all the indications the organizer and the escorting guides provide. The clients will be liable for any damage the organizer would suffer due to any breach of the above mentioned obligations. The client will also inform the organizer about any special requirement he/she would have – if possible to fulfill it.
7 Responsabilities – The organizer is liable for any damage the client would suffer in case of complete or partial non-fulfillment of the contract, both due to direct or indirect fault – unless the event would be demonstrated to be a client’s responsability, accidental, due to force majeure or extraordinary circumstances the organizer couldn’t, by any means, reasonably foresee and manage. The organizer is also responsible for the clients’ privacy, only from the moment of the data reception, not during their transmission.
8 Assistance obligation – The organizer is compelled to assist the client as per the professional diligence rules exclusively for the obligations indicated by the contract and the law.
9 Complaints – The client must write his/her complaint about any difference in the program and/or non-fulfillment in the very moment this occurs or, at the latest, within 10 days of the planned return date.