MONTE ROSA – MARGHERITA HUT 4554m 2 days summer 2024
Queen Margherita hut is on the top of Gnifetti peak, at 4554 m. It is the highest-altitude refuge in Europe and from the summit you can admire a wonderful view on the Alps chain and the Padana plain. Program Day 1: meeting with the guide in front of the ticket office of the lift in Staffal at 2.30 p... LEGGI TUTTO
Gran Paradiso 4061m. 2 days summer
The only 4000 entirely on Italian territory, the Gran Paradiso is the center of one of the most interesting national parks of Europe. Reaching the top, easy from a technical point of view, requires good training and being used to trekking day 1. meeting with the guide in Pont Val Savaranches (AO), b... LEGGI TUTTO