Gran Paradiso 4061m. Skitouring spring
Gran Paradiso 4061m. Skitouring

Ski mountaineering ascent on the highest mountain in the Graian Alps, south of the famous Mont Blanc and west of Monte Rosa, in the middle of the homonymous national park of Italy,

The ascent to the Gran Paradiso, long but relatively easy, ends with the spectacular ridge that leads to the famous statue of the “Madonna”, where they are needed, harness and rope

After having admired the spectacular panorama, from the Maritime Alps to Monte Rosa, we do not expect the beautiful and rewarding descent on skis, to the much dreamed pasta, washed down with a good glass of wine!

Day 1:
From the large parking behind the Pont we follow the path on the left side of the valley. In the radiant larch forest, after about 10 minutes, the trail branches off towards the Vittorio Emanuelle utt. In some hairpin bends, we climb onto this terrain by quickly taking altitude, before the ground flattens near the hutt.

Rise: 848 m.
Approaching time: 3 hours


Day 2:
The route continues north-east up to the moraines of the Gran Paradiso glacier. Through a narrow valley, on the steepest slopes you reach the “back of the donkey”. First in the direction of Becca di Moncorvé, then along a fairly steep slope up to the visible summit. Shortly before the crest, the skis are removed to climb the crest up to the statue of the Madonna at the top

Total ascent: 1329 m
Approach time: 4/5 h

Total time: 8-9 hours